Exam Review – NIACL Assistant 2017 Phase I – 23 April, 2017

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Exam Review – NIACL Assistant 2017 Phase I – 23 April, 2017

Hello and welcome to Jobnotify.in. So, the NIACL Assistant Phase I exam finally ended. We received plenty of reviews and we simply cannot thank you for sharing all the necessary information. So, lets get started!

Exam Pattern:
The exam pattern, as predicted was same as IBPS Clerk Prelims VI exam held in 2016. The most important thing is this indicates that the SBI PO Prelims might be similar to IPPB PO Prelims exam.

Now, lets see what are the type of questions that appeared.

We saw Syllogism problems in today’s exam and they were extremely easy (for most) in terms of difficulty level. There were puzzles which were also easy. One could easily solve each puzzle. There were questions from Alphabetical Series as well as Blood Relations.

Overall the reasoning part was high scoring.

Numerical Ability:
The numerical ability was comparatively calculative than other tests. The questions were not difficulty but one had to spend some time calculating the word problems. The number series questions were very easy. There were Data Interpretation questions which were scoring.

Approximation problems were also easy. Only the word problems were bit time consuming.

Overall Numerical Ability had mixed reviews.

English Language:
English was totally similar to IBPS Clerk which had Error Correction, Cloze Test and Comprehension carry 10 questions each. Comprehension was story based and very easy. There were questions from error correction
as well as Cloze Test.

English was also easy for most of the aspirants.


The Overall level of the exam was Easy to Moderate. Following topics were asked from different sections in the NIACL Assistant Prelims –

English Language

30 questions were asked in this section with a total of 30 marks. Overall level of his section was Easy to moderate.

Topics asked in English Language section –

Topic Name Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension 10 Questions (RC was story based, Synonym-Antonym questions were asked))
Cloze Test 10 Questions
Spotting Errors  10 Questions were asked from this topic

Reasoning Ability

35 Questions were asked in this section with a total of 35 marks. Overall level of this section was Easy to Moderate.

Following questions were asked in this section –

Topic Name Number of Questions
Puzzles / Seating Arrangement
  • 1 Puzzle (Based on people working on different days of the week)
  • 2 Seating arrangements (1 linear and 1 square arrangement)
Syllogism  5 Questions
Alphanumeric Series  5 Questions
Alphabet Test  5 Questions
Coding Decoding  3 Question
Miscellaneous  2 Questions (1 from Blood Relation and 1 from Direction sense)

There were no questions from Inequality. 

Quantitative Aptitude

This section again comprised of 35 questions with a total of 35 marks. The overall level of quant section was Easy to Moderate.

Topics asked in this section included –

Topic Name Number of Questions
Number Series  5 Questions (based on the pattern of previous slots)

  • 15 24 35 50 71 ?
  • 18 9 9 13.5 ? 67.5
  • 4 5 12 39 160 ?
  • 7 25 61 115 ? 277
  • 9 14 24 41 67 ?
Simplification/ Approximation  10 Questions
Data Interpretation  1 set (5 Questions from tabular DI)
Miscellaneous Questions  15 Questions

Miscellaneous section included questions from Time, Work and Wages, Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Age based problems, Averages, Partnership, Probability, Percentages, Ratio and proportion etc.


The overall exam was easy but not like everyone attempted more than 90. Moreover, your attempts are related to your state. The cut-off will be high but still it will be Statewise, so one cannot predict or assume her/his chances right away.
The average attempts from all shifts are between 71 to 80. The following chart represents the average attempts shiftwise.

Note: We took over 400 attempts & reviews throughout the day. From that, we have prepared the above data. Starting from next week, most of you have SBI PO Prelims exam. So focus on that exam. Its over. So let it be. Don’t ruin your SBI PO preparation over this.

If you have not attempted above or below part, do not think! Just give your best in the coming examination and let the result decide your chances for mains!
All the best!
May the force be with you!



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